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Frequently asked questions

I have the streaming URL, but Muses isn't working for me: What should I check?

If you can't get Muses to work with your streaming URL, here are some items for you to check before asking for help:

  1. First of all, check that you're using the absolute URL of the streaming signal (if it ends in .m3u, remove that extension).
  2. Make sure you're using either MP3, OGG or AAC streaming.
  3. Test the player on different browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc...) (note that some versions of AAC or OGG codec are not on some browsers).
  4. Make sure your streaming provider is using an Icecast2, ShoutCast or any other compatible streaming server.
  5. Make sure you're testing Muses through a web server (not using HTML files on your hard drive). You need to either upload your site to your hosting, or use a local web server like Apache to test Muses.

Finally, if this doesn't helps you, please write us for help using our Feedback & support tool, and we'll answer you shortly. Just remember to include the address of your website so we can check your setup for you.

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