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How to force the HTML5 or FLASH version of the player?

Muses places the HTML5 version of the player automatically when your browser doesn't have the required codec or when flash plugin is not available (this is the case of most mobile devices, and some desktop browsers).

This means that you don't need to do anything special for the HTML5 version to be used, but muses may choose flash over HTML5 on some cases.

Please note that HTML5 version is only available if you generate the player using the hosted-by-muses version of the code.

Anyway, if for any reason, you want to force the HTML5 or FLASH version of the player, you just need to add the 'forceHTML5':true or 'forceFlash':true option to the generated code, like this:

'forceHTML5':true, // <-- Add this line
'title':'Radio Vermont',
'welcome':'WELCOME TO...',

This way, you're telling Muses that you want to force the HTML5 or FLASH version of the player.

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