Muses Radio Player
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Frequently asked questions

I can't find my language listed in Muses Radio Player. What can I do?

Muses Radio Player uses very few texts, so It'll be easy for you to collaborate with the project translating some texts to your language. If you think you can do a good Translation for your language, please translate the following lines and send them to us using our Feedback & support tool.

  • Play (to play music, not a game)
  • Stop (to stop music)
  • Intro (to inform that an introduction audio is being played)
  • Network Error (to indicate a communication error)
  • Error: Load Complete (to indicate that load has been completed - this is an error because live audio should never be completed)
  • Error: Sound Complete (same case of load complete, technically different for debugging)
  • Volume (to indicate audio volume)
  • Security Error (to indicate that some security restrictions where broken)
  • About Muses Radio Player... (when the user does right-click on the player)
  • Version 0.X.X (to indicate version number when right-clicking)

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