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I've installed crossdomain.xml, but I'm still getting "Security Error" Message. What should I check?

Most probably, your server is not serving crossdomain.xml file correctly.
To check if crossdomain.xml is correctly installed and served, try opening it from your web-browser by entering http://YOURSTREAMINGSERVER.COM:PORT/crossdomain.xml. Then, one of three things may happen:

  • You get a 404/500/504/file not found Error: This means that the crossdomain.xml is not where it sould be, or can't be read by icecast.
  • You are prompted to download crossdomain.xml to your computer: This means that your streaming server isn't serving crossdomain.xml file correctly. The most common scenario, is that icecast doesn't have right mime.types for xml and/or ogg/aac files (very common situation in windows installations).
    One thing you should try, is to copy some apache mime.types file inside your icecast directory (on windows should be "C:\Program Files\Icecast2 Win32") and restart icecast service. Please check here for more details on this issue.
  • You see the XML file inside your browser: If this is your case, then crossdomain.xml is correctly installed and served. You should check XML file format and hosts restrictions.

Note: Don't use Opera or Internet Explorer for opening the XML file. Both browsers may show the XML file even when there's a configuration problem, hiding important symptoms for the diagnostic.

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